Monday, March 30, 2009

Sports Day in the community

What fun we had on Friday!!! It was our annual sport's day and the day dawned, perfect for the event - not too hot and no wind either!
All the children and a great number of parents were at school, eager to start at 8.30am! There was lots of chanting and encouragement
Blue, Red and Green teams were all clad in their team colours, convinced they were going to win.
Members of the community lined the fences to enjoy the fun.
Everyone did really well - the winning team was the BLUE team.


  1. Celia - the blog is a brilliant idea. I hope, with all your other varied duties, that you are able to find time to keep it up. it is great to see into the life of your school, with both the trials and the victories, and it keeps my heart turned toward all that God is doing there. how exciting to see those new classrooms going up! Looking forward to more updates. Glenda

  2. Thank you for commenting - it makes it worth the effort!