Tuesday, January 25, 2011

God is so faithful! With one week to go before the school opens on 1st Feb, we still have no classrooms and I had got to the point of total surrender, telling God He had better "do this" because I have come to the absolute end of me!
Do I hear Him and maybe some of you saying - at last! Now God can do what He is best at!?
To top this all off, on Sunday, out of the blue, one of our most experienced teachers resigned with no warning! Where does one find a teacher 10 days into the new school year?
I called an emergency meeting with the staff to tell them all this and ask them for ideas - people in the community are so often more resourceful than me. I never expected that God would be so amazing! After 2 hours we came away with a new, and ideal teacher and the decision to platoon for the first term while we raise the building funds! I had never even thought of platooning!
So once again, I have a lesson well learned - we serve a MIGHTY GOD!

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