Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Host a school dinner

As Eagle's Nest grows, we need to find more and more individuals to support a child in their education.
We have started a very low-key, fun program to try and introduce more people to our work, and also to make it known that we need sponsors.
The project is called "School Dinners", and anyone who has been supporting us in anyway and believes in Eagle's Nest Ministries, can help us in this.
All you need to do is invite 6-8 friends to your house for an evening of fun and food. I (or a member of the board) will come during the evening and show a short video of the school and answer any questions, giving opportunities for your guests to get involved, but without pressurizing them.
What have you got to lose?
At the end of the evening you will have had a great time with your friends, and as a bonus, someone might have agreed to support the school in some way.
Please consider hosting a School Dinner, and get in touch with me(Celia) on 084 506 5447

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