Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frustrations and rewards

Life can be frustrating but also rewarding in Wallacedene!
Today I was at work for an 8 o'clock meeting which was cancelled 9 minutes after it was due to start, by SMS; another meeting started one hour late and it was raining during the third meeting!
On the other hand, look at the work our Grade 4 teacher is doing with some of the boys and the caretaker! They have a nursery where they are growing onions and spinach at the moment and are preparing the beds to transplant. These boys come to school early to help their teacher! and then go on to do 5 hours at school, leaving at 5.30pm because we do not have enough classrooms.
Do you know any companies who wish to invest in buildings for our Grade 3 - 6 classes.
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