Friday, June 15, 2012

Eagles Nest burglary ONCE AGAIN

It is so disappointing and discouraging to pick up the phone to another call from the staff to tell me the school has been broken in to.
Last night, thieves broke into the staff room (through a metal bolted door) and stole the recently replaced Microwave and the wire off our new strimmer;  removed burglar bars on a metal classroom, broke a window and took a newly donated computer; and broke into a third classroom looking for money!
How long must we continue sowing into a community where its own people have no respect for each other and any progress being made?
My answer at this point is - UNTIL GOD TELLS US TO STOP! They are stealing from God and He will be vindicated when He choses.
Please pray for us all as we do all that is possible to stop further break-ins, yet again.

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