Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Major lessons in faith!

Have you ever felt that God has a really big lesson to teach you and that it might not be that comfortable? - that has been our situation for the past two months!
Thank you, God, that you have once again proved MORE THAN ABLE to supply all our needs in Christ Jesus!
On the 15th of the month, which is our salary day, there was definitely not enough money to even pay half the staff's salaries. I have had to get to the place where I accept I am not God -haha- and this is His business.
I walked into the staff devotions and the worship lifted me almost into heaven. These were men and women who had not received their well-earned and needed money, praising Him with everything they have.
Today, 6 days late, as a result of two very generous donations from unexpected sources, I paid all the salaries in full! God did it again. We are going to mark November 2012 as a landmark in the history of Eagle's Nest so we always look to Him in time of need! knowing He can and will.

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