Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas parties

This year I could not physically manage the Christmas bag idea.
Instead, 5 groups agreed to host a party for one class each. This worked so well, and I want to thank everyone who was involved donating gifts, food, their time and energy and organising awesome parties.
Each class had a unique time and there was such an air of excitement throughout this week.
Thank you to Seed Investment and your families; Mark and Bronwyn Simoncelli and your friends from Durbanville Printers and Jonen Freight. Also a big thanks to Elna Steenkamp and your friends and children who organised a great party for Grade 1N; thank you Tim Botha Maryke, ShellyAnn and Vera from Grade 4's and last but not least, thank you to the Grade
4-6 's from Lighthouse for your parties last Friday. Value Baking supplies added to the parties by donating goodie bags for each child - thank you for your generosity too.
I praise God every day as I see people give of themselves to serve God through these young children at Eagles Nest.
Their Christmas will be remembered because of all your efforts.

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