Monday, September 12, 2011

Two more break-ins

I cannot believe the audacity and wickedness of some people.
Following from the break - in on 10th August, where most of our cooking equipment and equipment of worth was stolen, on Saturday night, the miscreants returned, broke the window and stole our 2 ring gas stove and gas bottle.
As if this was not enough, they returned last night and took the fridge and 4 packs of toilet rolls!
People in the community noticed things but did not notify either the police, the staff or their neighbours.
Parents of children in the school also saw hooded men in one of our classrooms. They obviously had a master key! Nothing was taken because we don't keep cash at school.
This is very frustrating as we have meals donated on a Tuesday and Friday, which we need to heat for the children. Also, it means our staff cannot make drinks or warm food in their breaks.

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